Certain Spectrum Business customers qualify for tax-exempt status. We will accept and process requests for tax exemption if the necessary requirements are met, though we aren't responsible for contacting state or federal governments to determine a customer's tax-exempt status.

To apply for tax-exemption:

  1. Complete the appropriate tax exemption forms. Forms vary by state and/or exemption type, and it is your responsibility to determine what form(s) you need to submit.
  2. Scan and email the form(s) to exemption.certs@charter.com or fax it to (314) 909-0675. You can also bring them to a Spectrum store. Taxes will be removed as of the date the form(s) is received.

Tax exemption only applies to taxes and doesn't excuse other charges, such as franchise fees, Line Access, FCC fees, regulatory cost fees and Broadcast TV Surcharges. Tax exempt status will be periodically reviewed.

If you're requesting tax exemption from the Federal Excise Tax on Communication Services or Facilities or Universal Service Fund (State and/or Federal), please use the corresponding Spectrum Business form(s) provided below. If you're requesting any other tax exemption, please submit the government provided form(s).

Federal Excise Tax on Communication Services or Facilities

Universal Service Fund (State)

Universal Service Fund (Federal)