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To create an account on SpectrumBusiness.net:

  1. Go to SpectrumBusiness.net and select Create a Username in the sign in field.
  2. Enter your account credentials on the Account Registration page and then select Next. The following information is located on your invoice:​
  • Spectrum Business Account Number
  • Security Code​​
  1. Follow the prompts to create your username, password and security questions.

You can now access your email from the Account Summary page by scrolling down to the Your Services section and selecting Email.

Some popular support articles include:

In addition, Spectrum Business Internet includes Security Suite software, which is a comprehensive security package that offers automatic updates and real-time protection against viruses and other threats. You should've received a Welcome Email containing a link to download and install the software, as well as subscription keys and web console sign in information. Learn more.